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I don’t see my drive in the drive selector.

DCP Transfer can only read drives that appear in the finder. If your drive is a new drive and does not appear in the finder, but is present in mac Disk Utility, you may need use Disk Utility to format the drive for mac before using it in DCP transfer. After formatting the drive in Disk Utility, your drive should appear in both the finder and in DCP Transfer. 

If your drive is already formatted for Linux EXT2, you may need to go to the Paragon EXTFS System Preferences to mount or verify the drive. 

  1. Navigate to system preferences and find Paragon EXTFS for Mac
  2. Locate the desired drive on the left hand panel
  3. If there is a green cirlce next to the desired drive, the drive is mounted. If the drive name is greyed out with a grey cirlce it means the drive is not mounted to the system and might need to be verified before it can be mounted.
  4. Click the “Verify” button. The system will attempt to verify and mount the drive
  5. If the drive still remains unmounted, click the mount button to attempt to mount the drive.
  6. If these steps do not cause the drive to be mounted, the drive may be damaged.
  7. ‚ÄčIf the drive remains unmounted, attempt to format the drive for mac using the Disk Utility. Note: This will result in erasing data from the drive.

Note: Internal system drives should not appear to DCP Transfer to prevent accidental formatting of crucial system drives. 

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