Film Festivals

Print Traffic & Virtual Festival Screenings

Print Traffic Services

Outsource festival print traffic and save your team’s time and resources for other event prep activities. Cinematiq automates the print traffic process for your filmmakers and your festival. Filmmakers send us their films, we standardize the format for playback in your venues, and deliver consolidated, organized media ready to play.

Features & Benefits

Filmmaker Portal

Filmmakers easily upload film files and receive status notifications as their film is encoded and approved for exhibition.

Real-Time Status Updates

Receive live updates on the status of film delivery, encoding, and quality control for your entire library of films.

Multi-Format Encoding

Encode films for playback in multiple formats, including DCP, BluRay, DVD, and mp4.

Consolidated Delivery

Films are organized and delivered to you digitally or on physical drives/discs based on venues specifications and program order.

Qudio Virtual Festival

Virtual and hybrid festival events enables your festival to serve a wider audience and sell more tickets. Give your audience the flexibility to view festival screenings in-person or from their couch. Sell tickets to LIVE broadcast or video on-demand screenings with Qudio.

Let's Discuss Your Festival

Schedule a call with our sales team to review the specific needs for your festival, and receive a custom quote for print traffic or Qudio Virtual Festival